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Impress guests with homemade Japanese food

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Impress guests with homemade Japanese food

New Delhi, March 14 : If you love Japanese cuisine and can gather the different ingredients that it needs, try out a few recipes to impress your guests.

Chef Yutaka Saito at Simply Sushi by PVR Director's Cut, Vikram Khatri, Executive Chef at Hello Guppy and Paul Jhon Abayan, Head Chef at Tara, Roseate House, have listed a few recipes:

* Salmon Teriyaki


Fresh Salmon 180 gm

Sake 50 ml

Kikkoman soya 50 ml

Mirin 50 ml

Breakfast sugar 50 ml

Salt 5 gm

Teriyaki sauce 80 ml


Combine Sake, Kikkoman soya, Mirin and breakfast sugar container. Dip fresh salmon in the container for 10 minutes. Grill temperature should be 150 degrees. Take out the salmon from container and grill it on both sides for 8 to 12 minutes. Remove the salmon from grill and pour Teriyaki sauce on top. Serve hot with steamed rice or sauteed vegetables.


* Ebi Tempura


Shrimps 1620 size 6 pieces.

Salt 1 pinch

Tempura Flour 90 gm

Refined oil for frying 500 ml.

Tempura Sauce


Water 100 ml

Sake 10 ml

Grated ginger 5 gm

Kikkoman soya 10 ml

Breakfast sugar 20 ml


Make tempura batter and add tempura flour, salt and water then mix it well in a bowl with a whisker. Make sure the batter isn't thick or thin and it has no lumps. Heat refined oil and temperature of oil should be between 175 to 185 degrees maximum.

Put shrimps in the batter and fry until it becomes brown and crisp. Mix all the tempura sauce ingredients in pan and bring it to boil. Served piping hot shrimp tempura with tempura sauce and garnished with spring onions.


* Teriyaki onion hot dog


Hot dog bun 1

Chicken frank 1

Teriyaki sauce 20 ml

Onion 50 gm

Can pineapple (diced) 15 gm

Tomato 15 gm

Garlic chips 5 gm

Chilli mayonnaise 25 gm

Mayonnaise 20 gm


Slit 2/3rd of the bun diagonally. Place chicken frank on the slit side. Prepare teriyaki onion by cooking slice onion with teriyaki sauce. Arrange teriyaki onion over the chicken frank. Pipe mayonnaise on teriyaki onion. Garnish with pineapple dice, diced tomatoes and garlic chips. Serve it with chilli mayonnaise.


* Smoked Pumpkin salad


Silken tofu 10 gm

Palm hearts 10 gm

Roasted pumpkin seed 02 gm

Mixed cress 05 gm

Watermelon radish 20 gm

Green apple 30 gm

Roquette 20 gm

Edible flower 2

For smoked pumpkin

Yellow pumpkin 200 gm

Wood chips 04 gm

Olive oil 15 ml

Garlic cloves 3 n

For miso mustard dressing

White miso 3 tbsp

Japanese mustard 4 tsp

Rice vinegar 2 tbsp

Salt to taste

Pepper powder to taste

Sugar 1 tbsp

Mirin 1 tbsp

Water 1 tbsp

Salad oil ½ cup


For dressing

Mix water and mustard. Add Mirin, sugar, rice vinegar, add miso and blend well. While continuously whisking slowly, pour in the oil and let it blend in the mixture, adjust the seasoning.

For smoked pumpkin

Wash and peel pumpkin. With the help of vegetable slicer or mandolin slice it thin through its length. Rub all the pumpkin slices with oil and little salt and roast for 8 minutes at 200 c. In a small metal bowl or fire dish burn some wood chips and drop the slices in the same bowl.

Cover it with lid. Leave it for 10 minutes so that pumpkin can absorb the aroma. Roll each smoked pumpkin slice with mixed cress filling and keep it on side. Dress seaweed, palm heart, radish, green apple slices and rocket leaf with miso mustard dressing and arrange it on the plate with rolled smoked pumpkin and crumbled tofu.

Dizzle miso mustard dressing and sprinkle some pumpkin seeds (roasted) and serve.

Impress guests with homemade Japanese food

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