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Workout wear decoded!

New Delhi , Feb 19 : The wedding season has dwindled, the winter sun is a gateway to warmer days and you've enrolled yourself into a gym.

But getting your body fit isn't the only goal-getting your wardrobe gym-ready is equally essential.

Considering Athleisure is the new norm in fashion, it's time to rethink gym-wear.

Neha Bhasin, Creative Director of Jabong.com reckons wearing the right clothing can make all the difference between an average workout and a great one.

- Cardio and CrossFit:

We know the urge to pull out track pants for cardio but the fact is that it's a hurdle to your workout. The loosely fit fabric has a great risk of them getting stuck in the machine or simply tripping you. Instead, opt for Dri-FIT shorts with elasticated waistbands along with a Dri-FIT tee, as they will keep you sweat-free throughout. Treat your feet with a good pair of running shoes and you are good to go.

- Weight Lifting and Strength Training:

Whether you are going for more repetitions or more weights, lifting is a tedious task therefore comfort takes priority when it comes to clothing. A tank tee assures excellent freedom of movement fashioned in regular fit from moisture-wicking polyester. It goes well with regular fit lowers. You could also opt for form-fitting tees that expose the shoulders and arms so you can monitor posture and progress of your workout.

- Yoga and Stretching:

Like every other workout, appropriate gear is essential for yoga as well. The primary thing to keep in mind is comfort and fit over fashion. Since it's almost a sweat-free form of exercise, splurge into wearing easy breezy fits. Clothing made in stretchable and cotton-jersey fabric is recommended.

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Workout wear decoded!

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