• Monday, 18 February 2019

Bioworld Merchandising Technology Division One61 Studio Launches Indiegogo Campaign for Kaptur Smart Hat

DALLAS, Feb. 13: One61 Studio is proud to announce the launch of its first and most innovative apparel concept, Kaptur. The web-connected hat features an LCD display for users to showcase images, gifs, short videos and memes.

Created by Bioworld's new technology division, One61 Studio, Kaptur works with any smartphone via Bluetooth. Wearers can upload their favorite media from a library of content they create, download or socially share with others.

"We've been the leader in manufacturing pop-culture apparel and accessories for top entertainment brands and we're very excited to combine that experience with our first IoT (Internet of Things) product via Indiegogo," said Shawn Stauffer, Chief Technology Officer at Bioworld.

One61 Studio also partners with mobile app developers and technology startups like SAY Wearables, which created the app and screen components for Kaptur. The app allows users to manage images, turn short videos into gifs, sort and tag content along with an opt-in feature to socially share their selections with other Kaptur wearers, much like a 'playlist' for music.

"Crowdfunding Kaptur on Indiegogo allows us to reach an audience of innovation-friendly consumers who want to express themselves in new and fun ways," Stauffer added.

The Indiegogo campaign offers participants a choice of hat styles and colors along with several perk levels, add-ons and an Early Bird option with limited items at a forty-percent discount from retail value.

During the campaign, backers will get access to blog updates and Facebook Live videos from the IoT team, ask questions and make suggestions for the smart hat as the Kaptur team moves to finalize development and full-scale production.

The One61 team has set a funding goal for its first consumer product at $27,000. Production of the hat will follow the campaign with shipping of the final product scheduled for August 2018.

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Bioworld Merchandising Technology Division One61 Studio Launches Indiegogo Campaign for Kaptur Smart Hat

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