• Friday, 22 February 2019

Technomic launches guide for foodservice operators entering the U.S. market

CHICAGO, Feb. 13: Technomic Inc. has published a cutting-edge report designed to aid international companies with an interest in the U.S. foodservice industry. This operator-focused report is a key addition to Technomic's existing core suite of services supporting U.S. market entry.

The essentials of understanding the U.S. market include:
1.Foodservice landscape review
2.State of the industry and future outlook
3.Traits of leading restaurant chains
4.Understanding operator challenges
5.Identifying core consumers
6.Menu category incidence

"Opportunity assessment for international operators looking to enter the U.S. market has long been a core capability of ours," said Technomic vice president of innovation, Sara Monnette. "It's increasingly apparent that there is a need for syndicated research to assist restaurant and retail operators looking to plan and execute a market entry strategy."

Key report insights include:
•Industry projections, with total U.S. foodservice expected to account for 64% of the projected industry growth over the next five years
•Attributes of successful chains, including fresh food, first-rate decor and flexible offerings
•Areas of opportunity when targeting consumers, such as educating them on new ethnic flavors and ingredients
•Percentage of each demographic that visits restaurants and retail, with 40.8% of millennials visiting fast-casual restaurants at least once a month

Technomic also provides a proprietary framework to guide operators from initial concept positioning to go-to-market strategy development. The company's U.S. Market Entry program is the model you can trust due to Technomic's deep industry expertise of 50 years serving and studying the U.S. foodservice industry and working with the world's largest restaurant operators, suppliers and distributors. While there are many other U.S.-based firms that offer market information, none are as focused on foodservice like we are.

"We look forward to providing international operators with foundational information on the foodservice industry in the U.S. to support their business decisions to enter the U.S. marketplace," says Patrick Noone, executive vice president at Technomic. "This along with our custom advisory services will allow companies to understand their opportunity and challenges as they embark on international growth initiatives."

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Technomic launches guide for foodservice operators entering the U.S. market

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