New Delhi, Feb 11 : From Easy A, Friends with Benefits and Annie to his forthcoming film Peter Rabbit, Will Gluck's stories have always been tied together by a common string of strong female characters. The American director says he likes to write for women characters as they feel much smarter than the male parts.
"Most of my movies have very strong female protagonists. So, I always like writing for women characters. They feel much smarter to me than male characters. I have two daughters too and so that is something I always like to do," Gluck told IANS over phone from Los Angeles in an India exclusive interview.

"I don't plan on doing it, but it always ends up that way... Women characters have always seemed much more exciting to me to write about and direct."

Gluck spoke to IANS while promoting the Sony Pictures Animation's project in Los Angeles. He reflected upon how he has evolved as a storyteller, spoke of "Peter Rabbit" and also opened up about his curiosity regarding Indian culture and cinema.

Gluck, whose working credits include writer, producer and composer, likes to pick notes from his own life and narrate it through his projects.

"As you go through different stages of your life, different things interest you. When you are younger you want to tell stories about when you are in your 20s, when you have kids you want to tell stories you can involve your kids in.

"As we keep evolving, we keep doing different things which interest us. That is an important thing and that is the reason why I made 'Peter Rabbit'."

The film adaptation is based on the classic tale by Beatrix Potter about Peter Rabbit and his family.

"I have kids and I want to be able to participate in things (which they can enjoy). My next movie would probably be something else depending on what I am going through in my life," Gluck said.

"Peter Rabbit" is being brought to India by Sony Pictures. It will release in the country on February 23.

Gluck is excited for Indian fans to see the movie.

"I see a lot of Bollywood films. I would like to go to India -- that always interests me. I love watching Indian movies. Do you guys like rabbits? I am curious to see how it does in India."

The film narrates the adventures that Peter Rabbit (voiced by James Corden) and his sisters Flopsy, Mopsy and Cotton-Tail (Margot Robbie, Elizabeth Debicki and Daisy Ridley) undergo to reclaim their home. It highlights the tussle between humans and animals. It also stars Domhnall Gleeson and Rose Byrne.

Gluck, who started his career writing for "The John Larroquette Show", says giving a visual translation to the story was a tricky thing.

"I love Beatrix Potter. It was part of my growing up. I read it to my kids. I love the book so much and wish for blessing from Beatrix Potter. I wanted to make sure that we honour what was in the book and all the images and ideas. We just kind of want to bring it to life and have a new adventure."

He says he has "carefully" not "placed the movie in any time period".

"There is no references to that and no cell phones or headphones. It could happen in any time because we really wanted the story and the characters to remain in the focus."

As a writer-director, Gluck loves to take up new challenges.

"I like working on different genres. I have done lots of different types of movies and I think my next movie will be a completely different type of film. It is always fun to learn different stuff and challenge yourself in a different environment."

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