• Friday, 22 February 2019

SuperShe - A women-only resort island

London [U.K.], Feb.7 : A woman has come up with an ultimate refuge for the women peers.

Kristina Roth has founded an island oasis named SuperShe, off the coast of Finland where no men are allowed to dock, forget enter.

According to The Independent, the idea is to create a vacation destination exclusively for women where they don't need to watch themselves in a testosterone filled environment.

Women can bath, dance, laugh, slouch, lounge, and dine like there is no care in the world.

The Independent quoted Roth as saying, "The idea at SuperShe Island is, hey, focus on yourself - don't try to get your hormones up".

A representative said, "Women need time to spend with other women where they can nurture each other's dreams and desires".

The island resort is currently in use by Roth's near and dear ones only with tentative plans to open up for the public in June.

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SuperShe - A women-only resort island

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