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Trinamool trying to nab former policewoman to hide secrets: BJP

Kolkata, Feb 5 : Three days after West Bengal CID sleuths allegedly conducted raids in the houses of relatives and several police officers considered close to former West Midnapore police chief Bharati Ghosh, the BJP on Monday accused the ruling Trinamool Congress of going "all out" to nab her to prevent her from spilling "some terrible secrets" about them.

Ghosh, once a favourite of Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, reportedly fell from grace and was transferred last December to a less significant post as commandant of the State Armed Police's Third Battalion. She sought voluntary retirement, and the government accepted her request last month.

"She was working for the Trinamool Congress. It is unfortunate that today the same party has become her biggest enemy. CID has summoned Ghosh probably to arrest her. They would put her in jail to keep her mouth shut," state BJP president Dilip Ghosh said here.

"Police is desperately trying to get hold of her. Its certain that she knows some terrible secrets about the state administration, which Trinamool Congress fears, would come out in the open. I guess, documents of several secret operations including the killing of top Maoist leader Kishanji is with Ghosh which can cause the downfall of Trinamool. That is why they are using all the power at their disposal to stop her," he claimed.

Amid speculation that Bharati Ghosh might join their party, the Bengal BJP chief said the party's doors are open for everyone who wants to join but clarified there is no confirmation about the IPS officer.

"We welcome everyone. We have not said no to anybody who wants to join our party. The door to enter our party is big. But there is no confirmation of her joining our party. I haven't talked to her yet.

"I have heard that she is outside the state. She has also warned of legal steps against the police and Trinamool Congress leaders if they try to heckle her. I think the matter will go to the court," he said.

Dilip Ghosh's comments came days after the CID officials accompanied by local police raided the houses of a number of police officers and closed Belda police station officer-in-charge Pradip Rath for their alleged involvement in misconduct and extortion from a gold trader named Chandan Majhi.

A voice message, purportedly from Bharati Ghosh, has been doing the rounds of social media claiming that her south Kolkata residence was also raided while her husband was kept locked in a room. The message further states that Ghosh, currently not in Kolkata, would take legal action on her return.

Though the CID has conceded that it conducted raids in 12 locations that led to the seizure of Rs 60 lakh cash, two kg gold and several property documents, it has denied that a raid was also conducted in Ghosh's house.

Bharati Ghosh took over as West Midnapore's Superintendent of Police in 2012.

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Trinamool trying to nab former policewoman to hide secrets: BJP

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