• Saturday, 23 February 2019

Rubean Launches 'RubeanPOS' Smartphone App for Merchants 

LONDON: Rubean AG, a specialist developer of mobile payment solutions is launching a new smartphone app for Merchants. "RubeanPOS" delivers the functionality of a retailer's contactless EMV POS terminal within a smartphone app.

Uniquely, this software-only solution requires no peripheral devices (e.g. plug-in / Bluetooth card-reader), so there's nothing extra to buy, lease, lose or break.

Smaller retailers & traders

The RubeanPOS offers a solution to smaller, independent merchants and traders who, until now, have remained cash-only businesses, due to the "prohibitive costs of leasing POS equipment". For these players, RubeanPOS offers a minimal-cost, software-only Chip&PIN mPOS solution that enables acquirers, PSPs and schemes to realize the massive potential of this new customer base, comprising of market and street traders, food outlets, trades-people, delivery services, hairdressers, mini-cabs etc.

Large retailers

RubeanPOS can also support larger "high street" retailers (including restaurants, bars, leisure resorts and sports venues) offering a dynamic shift in the way they interact with their customers. It is enabling merchants of all sizes to take payments for goods and services anywhere within the premises or retail floor.

This brings many advantages:
•Optimize use of retail space with less floor area dedicated to fixed location Check-outs 

•Eliminate check-out queues with an ultra-fast payment method, maximizing customer throughput

•Offer the ability to convert more customers to sale before they leave the store, have 2nd thoughts or buy elsewhere / on-line 

•Optimize use of personnel - all shop-floor staff can now be "Check-out" operators by carrying a smartphone

•Secure, cash-free transactions
•Software-only solution with no hardware costs and only minimal training required

•RubeanPOS can also handle gift vouchers, reward points, etc. 

Customers benefit too

RubeanPOS is exceptionally customer friendly for consumers using Chip & PIN cards or host card emulation (HCE) smartphone apps. It seems we're increasingly reluctant to carry cash for safety reasons. The trend is moving towards card and mobile payments which have now overtaken cash as the most widely used form of payment in the UK. The ability to pay by phone/card will soon be the norm.

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Rubean Launches 'RubeanPOS' Smartphone App for Merchants 

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