• Saturday, 16 February 2019

I'm all for freedom of speech: RJ Mallishka

Mumbai, Jan 25 : Radio jockey and actress Mallishka, who will be seen in the next episode of reality show "MTV Troll Police", says she is all for freedom of speech, but that doesn't mean a person can mock and pull someone down.

Mallishka had earlier made a parody on potholes in Mumbai and faced a backlash for the same. Of those who trolled her, a renowned fitness influencer and gym trainer made personal jibes and body-shamed Mallishka.

Commenting on the issue of trolling, Mallishka said: "I'm all for freedom of speech but that doesn't mean you mock and pull someone down. We need to understand that constantly sharing negative comments can impact someone mentally and it could result in losing their confidence."

She said there's a difference between trolling and constructive criticism.

"Some people have mixed the meaning on purpose and some people are plain unaware that spreading negativity is unhealthy for both -- the trolled and the troll. We need to realize where the lines blur between expressing one's view and being derogatory, calling people names and body shaming."

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I'm all for freedom of speech: RJ Mallishka

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