• Saturday, 23 February 2019

Udacity announces 'Flying Cars Nanodegree Programme'

New Delhi, Jan 24 : Online education company Udacity on Wednesday announced a "Flying Cars Nanodegree Programme" that will help prepare workforces for future aerial transport technology.

The aim is to push beyond the current generation of quadrotors and remote-controlled drones and provide the skills to create autonomous flight systems that will be the transport technology of the future.

The course will prepare students for jobs like unmanned aircraft software engineer, guidance navigation and controls (GNC) engineer, aerial roboticist, software and controls engineer and autonomous systems engineer, the company said in a statement.

"The 'Flying Car Nanodegree Programme' will empower students to translate concepts of drone technology from the classroom to simulation and ultimately build their own self-flying drones," said Ishan Gupta, Managing Director (India)-Udacity.

The course will feature renowned experts as instructors and acknowledged expert in autonomous systems.

"Flying Cars will find application in the aerospace, transportation, technology, and defense industries, and this course will help create the aerial roboticists and autonomous systems engineers that will shape this technology and how people travel in the future," Gupta added.

The programme will consist of two 12-week terms -- the first on aerial robotics and the second on intelligent air systems.

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Udacity announces 'Flying Cars Nanodegree Programme'

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