Thursday, 04 Jun 2020

300 Miles On A Onewheel? Team Sets Record With Ride From Palm Springs To CES 2018 In Las Vegas On Onewheel+ XR

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 23: To celebrate the launch of its new Onewheel+ XR extended range model, Onewheel creator Future Motion decided to ride to Las Vegas by Onewheel, the longest recorded Onewheel ride.

Onewheel surged onto the scene after launching its original product at CES in 2014. Since then, new models have added increased speed and stability and the new Onewheel+ XR released this year at CES 2018 adds range of up to 12-18 miles.

"Some people have looked at our product as a last mile vehicle," says Jack Mudd, Onewheel Chief Evangelist. "But now with 12-18 mile range it can really take you on much bigger journeys."

When you think of traveling to CES, Onewheeling might not be your first choice. A team of riders from Onewheel creator Future Motion embarked on an epic adventure: riding to Las Vegas from Palm Springs. 300 miles of lonely roads and great scenery.

The road to Vegas was not without challenges though. The chase vehicle broke down and the weather turned ugly, but spirits remained high. "When you're riding a Onewheel, you just don't worry about all the other stuff that's going on. You're in the moment, silently riding. It's amazing," says Elai Dankner, who led the expedition.

"When we were developing Onewheel+ XR, we knew we wanted to go on a big adventure to launch the product and showcase what it can do," says CEO Kyle Doerksen. "I think this is going to inspire many other amazing Onewheeling adventures."

The four-person team traded off every 10-15 miles and enjoyed some sightseeing along the historic Overland Route and through Joshua Tree National Park.

"It was so incredible. It's the most freeing thing ever. You feel so alive," says Nicola Hopwood, team rider. "With this much range, it feels like you can ride forever," says Christian Shaw, Brand Ambassador.

The team is planning to roll into Las Vegas this afternoon amidst rainy conditions or "good fender weather," referring to the fender accessory that prevents water and dirt from splashing up while riding.

"You see a lot of rideable gadgets at CES," says Mudd. "But Onewheel+ XR isn't just for riding around the pool on a lazy weekend. It's something that can replace your car."

(PRN | 2 years ago)