Sunday, 12 Jul 2020

Utah Inventor Creates Low-Carb Keto Meal Replacement and Lives off it Exclusively for 4 Weeks

SALT LAKE CITY: As the nation prepares for the holiday season, inventor and entrepreneur Chris Bair decided to perform a nutrition experiment on himself by consuming a keto meal replacement shake he invented for 4 weeks without any other food and publishing the results. He explains: "Well, I have a lot of people that are skeptical.

They think you have to chew, you have to eat 200 grams of carbohydrates a day, you can't have saturated fat or cholesterol - or you'll die. I wanted to get some nice data to prove a point - and hey, I didn't die!"

3 years ago Bair decided to begin a "ketogenic" diet, also known simply as "keto" - which turns conventional wisdom on its head. Keto is gaining in popularity in Silicon Valley and making news with popular figures like Kim Kardashian, Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Halle Berry, and with a recent feature on "Good Morning America." One of the issues with keto is figuring out how to manage the quick on-the-go meals and limit carbohydrates while getting all the nutrients necessary. Bair invented a recipe for a product to help users get complete keto nutrition easily. He says: "It's named 'Keto Chow' - it's a bit of a play on words from a TV show where there's a product called 'Bachelor Chow' - a complete staple food you can eat for any and all meals, that's Keto Chow and it tastes fantastic!" That original recipe is still available on Bair's website: Soon Bair started selling it pre-packaged, ready to mix with water and heavy cream or avocado oil.

As a product that's designed to be complete nutrition for the Keto diet, Bair recently decided to do an experiment where was going to live solely on his invention for 4 weeks while getting weekly blood tests to monitor his health. "Well it's one thing to say a product is nutritionally complete, it's another thing entirely to have enough confidence in your own product to live off it exclusively" Bair exclaims. On his blog, Bair chronicled the experience with regular updates, complete blood test results, and his daily food log. Along with the favorable blood test results, Bair reports that during the course of the 4-week experiment, he lost slightly more than 14 lbs. Bair was quick to point out that most people using Keto Chow do not have it for all their meals like he did: "Even I don't typically do it for all 3, usually I do breakfast and lunch as Keto Chow and fantastic keto food for dinner with my family. It's not here to replace your bacon or prime rib, it's for your 'oh no, I forgot breakfast' or 'how can I stay keto while traveling?' meals."

(PRN | 3 years ago)