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Avaance Life Sciences launches 'Spinopain', 'KneePill' supplementary formulas good for neck pain, low back pain and knee joint pain

New Delhi , Dec 15 : Avaance Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd. has launched Spinopain and KneePill, which are supplementary products made from natural ingredients and good for back aches and knee joint pains, respectively.

Spinopain helps in relieving pain and regenerating the cartilage in people who are suffering from spondylosis (pain from cervical / neck to lower back). Spinopain has found to be very safe and effective supplement for spondylosis related pain, low back ache to bringing back the flexibility and Mobility.

Whereas KneePill, specially designed for knee arthritis/ knee joint pain, helps in reducing inflammation or swelling and pain. As these conditions are chronic in nature, supplements are to be taken for a minimum period of one month to experience the relief.

Avaance's products are unique and distinct from conventional NSAID's (pain killers) like Diclofenac, Acceclofenac which cause side effects like GI irritation and in the long run lead to kidney damage and liver toxicity. Avaance products help in providing relief that is Safe, Effective and Quality Assured as they are derived from Natural Elements.

"In its continuous endeavour to cater to specific needs of the people ailing from different conditions related to Work, Age and Gender, Avaance has launched an array of products. Spinopain and KneePill are latest additions along these lines and both these products are also available in www.amazon.in," said Mr. V. Sourirajan, Director, Avaance Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd.

"Since the consumer behaviour has also changed, as they started resorting to alternative medicine which gives them relief from pain and offers cure, Avaance's products are going to be key growth driver. Due to increased side effects from allopathy medicines in the long run, people those who are above 40 suffering from lifestyle disorders Like diabetes, hypertension, hypercholesterolemia are seeking for supplements which provide safe remedy from pain," he added.

Avaance vision is to become one among top 5 OTC (over-the-counter) Healthcare Company in India by 2022, as the Indian Pharma policies are also more in favor of OTC Products. Avaance's aim is to achieve a turnover of minimum Rs. 10 crores from these two brands in the first year of launch. (ANI-NewsVoir)

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Avaance Life Sciences launches 'Spinopain', 'KneePill' supplementary formulas good for neck pain, low back pain and knee joint pain

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