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Here's how you can make your date feel special

New Delhi , Dec. 14 : Are you looking for some unique, romantic date ideas to create beautiful memories with your loved ones?

Here are some anti-cliche date ideas, suggested by Dr Dinesh Singh, founder of Navrasa Duenda, which will make your weekend a memorable one:

1. Explore your city treasures together - There is so much beauty that a city has to offer by opting for a suitable city tour package over the weekend and spending the entire day enjoying the magic of the city.

One of the perfect examples will be HOHO Bus Service in New Delhi.

2. Choose the street culinary over the fancy one- We all have had our favorite hawkers and dhaba corners, who satisfy our cravings for rustic food.

Skip your regular multi cuisine menu and introduce each other to the junk food that you loved during your scholarly days. You will get more scrumptious options to choose from without burning a hole in your pocket.

3. Attend festivals- We all have a thing for art and entertainment that not only represents the deep rooted thoughts of one's mind but also reflect the richness of the culture we live in.

4. Ditch your regular cinema visits and find out about such festivals taking place near you where you both can get entertained, example Vh1 Supersonic and HillTop Festival.

Also, if you and your partner relish different forms of art, you can plan on attending the upcoming Navrasa Duende Global Carnival.

5. Help each other rejuvenate- Everyone longs for relaxation after slogging throughout the week.

Find yourself a nice morning program of meditation or yoga in your city and embrace the art of living with your partner.

6. Go Savouring- Say cheese while you sip on a glass of wine. Heat up the cold winter under a canopy and go for a wine and cheese tasting rituals.

If you want to stay indoors then bring out five to six bottles of old wine that your parents have been keeping and swing by the nearest grocery store to get different cheese miniatures. Set up the table together and spend the day while playing video games or reading.

Go ahead and experiment while you hit the high level of compatibility scale.

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Here's how you can make your date feel special

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