New Delhi, Oct 22 : Siemens Ltd, a leading business house, is investing initially around Rs. 100 million until the end of 2012 to make its offices in India greener.
Siemens is thoroughly examining its seven company-owned offices in India with regard to environmental protection and energy consumption, said the company on Friday.
The goal is to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions by at least 15pc by the end of 2012. This equals the average annual energy consumption of approximately 1,000 middle-class Indian households or the planting of 9,000 trees.

Green building technologies will reduce energy costs at Siemens Ltd. by about Rs. 30 million a year. As a result, the investments by Siemens Ltd. will be amortized in only a little over three years.

Siemens claims to have the world's largest environmental portfolio and offers green building consultancy now also to other companies in India. Huge energy savings can for example be achieved by using LEDs from Osram, a Siemens group company.

They consume 80pc less energy than conventional light bulbs which saves up to Rs 5,000 a year per lamp.

In addition, Siemens plans to install new intelligent building systems and to optimize the heating and cooling system, water and energy distribution and many more areas. This process is well underway at the company eadquarters in Worli, Mumbai and is expected to be completed by early 2011.

"This cuts CO2 emissions and at the same time lowers operating costs, increases property values and enhances operating safety," said Armin Bruck, CEO of Siemens Ltd. in India. Around 40pc of the world's energy is used in buildings and energy accounts for more than 40pc of the operating costs of a typical office building.

Up to 70pc of the energy demand in cities also comes from buildings. Experts predict that up to 900 million sq. mtrs of commercial and residential space will get added every year in India. This is equivalent to a city of Chicago being added every year in India. Hence, optimizing energy usage in buildings gives an abatement potential of 300 million tons of CO2. Siemens has the key to green buildings. "Our systems are cutting energy consumption in offices by up to 30pc ", said Bruck.

So far, Siemens systems in buildings worldwide have already saved about Rs.1, 200 billion (Euro20 billion) and are reducing CO2 emissions by 2.4 million tons.

This is quivalent to the annual emissions of roughly one million cars. Siemens is also currently developing "eco city" models to ensure that megacities such as Mumbai, Delhi or Kolkata are planned from the very outset to be as sustainable as possible. Siemens is a leader in energy-efficient buildings in the U.S. and in Europe. The market potential of the energy efficient buildings for the next ten years for Siemens building technology division globally is estimated at roughly Rs.1,200 billion (Euro20 billion).

Siemens Ltd., in which Siemens AG holds 55.18pc of the capital, is the flagship listed company of Siemens AG in India. Siemens in India, which comprises 19 legal entities, is a leading provider of industry and infrastructure solutions with a business volume aggregating about Rs.12, 000 crore.

It operates in the core business areas of Industry, Energy and Healthcare. It has nation-wide Sales and Service network, 21 manufacturing plants, a network of around 500 channel partners and employs about 17,000 people.

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