New Delhi, Oct 22 : Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) organized an orientation programme for Madrassa teachers of Assam's Nagaon and Morigaon districts recently at Kampur college under the aegis of its Institute of Professional Competence Advancement of Teachers(IIPCAT), Guwahati.
The basic objective of the programme was to orient madrassa teachers in modern teaching methods in general curricular areas.

A package of 17 modules was effectively implemented in this training programme, such as, Education-What is it?, Basics of Education, Teacher as facilitator, Madrassa education and its features, Madrassa education in the Indian context, Constructive pedagogy, Quality concerns , Teaching of Arabic, Maths, Science, English, EVS, Assamese , Classroom management , Soft skills , Wellness education and use of Corporal punishment.

The 5-day orientation programe was attended by 45 madrassa teachers from adjoining areas. A total of 14 resource persons from organizations like NCERT, IGNOU, DIETs, as well as from local colleges and government functionaries were involved in teaching sessions in the programme .

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