Saturday, 18 November 2017
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4 days ago | 14-11-2017 | PRN

Optim LLC Showcases ENTity Stroboscopy at Nation's Largest Speech Pathology Conference

STURBRIDGE, Mass: Optim LLC, a premier manufacturer of proprietary flexible endoscopy systems for use in the visual diagnosis and management of voice, swallowing, and general Ear-Nose-and-Throat ("ENT") disorders, announced today the addition of the company's ENTity Stroboscopy product to its MobileFEES System.

The new system will be exhibited at the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) Annual Meeting, November 9 -11 in Los Angeles, California.

"We are excited to bring stroboscopy to our MobileFEES platform for Speech-Language Pathologists," stated Paul Joyce, President and CEO of Optim. "Now, clinicians can provide two leading diagnostic exams for swallowing and voice disorders to patients using the MobileFEES system." Mr. Joyce continued, "Our MobileFEES System is an industry-leading platform for clinicians to perform FEES exams in a variety of settings with a simple, portable system - adding a cost-effective stroboscopy option is a powerful combination for clinicians and health care facilities."

During a stroboscopy exam there is direct viewing of vocal fold vibration utilizing high-speed flashing of light that is precisely timed to the frequency of the patient's voice, allowing a clinician to view the vocal fold movement with a slow-motion-effect. This effect permits precise visual analysis in the diagnostics for dysphonia. The stroboscopy exam enables detection of vocal fold asymmetries, anatomical structural abnormalities, submucosal scarring, and other conditions that may not appear under continuous light.

"The stroboscopy exam has become an increasingly effective tool for Speech-Language Pathologists," stated Kathleen Fitzgerald of SEC Medical, Optim's clinical training and sales partner for the speech pathology market. Ms. Fitzgerald continued, "Being able to easily and seamlessly facilitate the technology alongside the MobileFEES system for flexible endoscopic evaluation of swallowing (FEES) presents a tremendous value to the patient"

The ENTity-based MobileFEES System for FEES is as an optimal visualization system enabling clinicians to meet the growing need for effective treatment and management of dysphagia and other voice and swallowing disorders. The MobileFEES system allows for cutting edge diagnostic procedures in various hospital, office, ambulatory surgery centers, and long-term care settings.

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Optim LLC Showcases ENTity Stroboscopy at Nation's Largest Speech Pathology Conference

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