SILICON SLOPES, Utah: Lucidchart, a visual productivity platform that helps anyone understand and share complex ideas, information, and processes, will now be available as an add-in within the Microsoft Office 365 Centralized Deployment service.
Administrators can now deploy the Lucidchart add-in to individual users, groups, or their entire organization with ease from the Office 365 admin center. Users with the Lucidchart add-in will see the Lucidchart logo on the ribbon and will be able to insert Lucidchart visuals into their Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft PowerPoint documents with ease.

Regarding the announcement, Lucid Software VP of Strategy Luke Langford said, "Lucidchart complements Microsoft Office 365 by making it easy and quick to create visuals that convey the complicated ideas, projects, processes, and systems encountered by knowledge workers today. Our award-winning product will enable millions of Office users to make visuals faster and communicate better, so it's exciting to see Lucidchart in Office 365's Centralized Deployment service. We want Lucidchart to be wherever our users are."

Office users see Lucidchart's value as well. At the Microsoft Ignite conference in 2016, Lucid Software took home two Office App Awards. Lucidchart Diagrams for PowerPoint add-in won the "People's Choice Award" and the second-place award for "Most Business Value for an Office Add-in."

Lucidchart is a collaborative cloud-based platform that enables users to break complicated ideas down into easily digestible visuals. With 9 million users and rapid growth, Lucidchart is quickly becoming an essential productivity aid for millions of knowledge workers.

Rob Howard, Director of Office Ecosystem, Microsoft Corp. said, "Microsoft understands the value visual communication has in helping organizations convey complex information. We are pleased to see Lucid Software support our mutual customers with an enhanced experience for Microsoft Office 365."

(Posted on 02 November 2017, 1675364436 3O237O29O69)