New Delhi , November 1 : Russian Ambassador to India Nikolay Kudashev on Wednesday said that two-week long joint counter-terrorism exercise between Special Forces of Pakistan and Russian armies was of 'anti-terrorist nature'.
Responding to a question on joint counter-terrorism exercise with Pakistan, Ambassador Kudashev said that the purpose of the drill with Islamabad was of anti-terror nature to support reasonable elements in Pakistan Government to counter terrorism.

He added that as far as Pakistan is concerned "Russia has a desire to have normal inter-state relationship with Pakistan."

Moscow and Islamabad have broadened their defense and economic cooperation in the recent years, possibly giving rise to a new regional alignment following strained relations between Pakistan and the United States, mainly on Afghanistan.

Speaking about the India-Russia relationship, the Russian envoy said Moscow's relationship with "India is privileged strategic partnership, second to none."

On North Korea, the Ambassador said that Russia would welcome de-nuclearisation of (North) Korea and resumption of six-party talks.

Replying on India, US and Japan exercises, he said, "We would welcome larger non-blocked, open regional architecture where there would be space for all. Russia and India are included."

India, US and Japan had this year in July, held naval exercise in the Bay of Bengal whose primary aim was to increase interoperability amongst the three navies of India, US and Japan and to reiterate the strong and resilient relationship between them in many areas, including maritime security operations.

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