New Delhi , November 1 : The newly appointed interlocutor for Jammu and Kashmir, Dineshwar Sharma, on Wednesday said he was positive about talks with all stakeholders over the Kashmir issue, even as Hurriyat Conference, one of the stakeholders, rejected dialogue on the same.
"I will go to Kashmir and see who all will come for talks. I am still very positive about the talks," Sharma told ANI.

The interlocutor said that he will conduct talks with the youth as well and assured that "peace will return in Kashmir very soon."

The Centre appointed Sharma as its representative for a "sustained dialogue with all stakeholders" to find a political solution to the Kashmir issue.

Earlier in the day, Hurriyat Conference refused to agree to a dialogue, citing that the Centre does not understand the ground reality of Kashmir, which will negate the purpose of any such dialogue.

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