Latakia [Syria] Oct.31 : Russia has delivered humanitarian aid to one of Syria's de-escalation zones.
Russian military officers have ensured the delivery of humanitarian aid provided by the United Nations and the Syrian Arab Red Crescent to the Eastern Ghouta suburb of Damascus, where a de-escalation zone has been established, reports TASS.

The Syrian government does not control Eastern Ghouta, where several armed opposition groups are deployed, while a ceasefire has been declared in the area.

Recently, a convoy consisting of 53 trucks delivered a total of 365 tonnes of food products and medicine for 40,000 residents of the Kafr Batna and Saqba settlements, TASS report adds.

Russia, the Syrian government and the United Nations have been regularly delivering humanitarian aid to Eastern Ghouta.

On May 4, 2017, Russia, Iran, and Turkey signed an agreement in Astana to create four "de-escalation zones" in Syria.

The four zones include the Idlib Governorate, the northern rebel-controlled parts of the Homs Governorate, the rebel-controlled eastern Ghouta, and the Jordan-Syria border.

The agreement was rejected by some rebel groups, and the Democratic Union Party also denounced the deal, saying that the ceasefire zones are "dividing Syria up on a sectarian basis".

The ceasefire came into effect on May 6, and military activities in the de-escalation zones are banned.

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