MONTREAL: Chronometriq, a Quebec based start-up and developer of a leading end-to-end online healthcare productivity solution in Canada, has expanded across the country to allow more than 6,000 clinics to provide their patients with the ability to book and manage appointments online.
Through a partnership with TELUS Health, an organization committed to driving healthcare efficiencies through the use of advanced technology, Chronometriq will offer an online booking feature so more Canadians can enjoy the benefits of managing their health online including appointment updates and receiving procedural information via text, email or phone.

Canadian data shows that if given the chance, more than 90 per cent of Canadians would be likely to book an appointment with their healthcare provider electronically; however only four per cent currently have that ability. Through the Chronometriq healthcare productivity suite, clinics currently leveraging a TELUS Health electronic medical record (EMR) can now provide enhanced patient care and drive efficiencies for their practice by leveraging the latest innovations in health technology.

"By adopting a completely integrated software solution within a health clinic not only improves a patients' access to their healthcare professional but also drives efficiencies within the clinic for the physician and clinical staff," said Yan Raymond-Lalande, Chronometriq's President and CEO. "Our partnership with TELUS Health will benefit the entire medical industry by introducing time and cost efficiencies which in turn improve patient outcomes and advance the evolution of the primary care sector."

According to a recent study, phone bookings can take upwards of 8.1 minutes compared to just under one minute when performed online. Small scale innovations are at the heart of the healthcare transformation and are improving the way patients can expect to receive care through technology. By providing patients the flexibility to schedule appointments online and at their leisure, clinical staff and physicians are alleviated from the burden of routine and clerical tasks which in turn allows for higher quality interactions with patients as well as better allocation of healthcare resources.

TELUS Health is uniquely positioned to partner with best in class organisations across the healthcare ecosystem and bring innovations to life that will advance the way Canadians can expect to receive care.

"At TELUS Health, the primary vehicle for building partnerships with innovators is the TELUS Health Exchange, an open platform allowing the use of different operating systems and facilitating the interoperability of multiple health solutions," said Dr. Michael Guerriere, Chief Medical Officer, Vice-president and Chief Strategy Officer at TELUS Health. "Since launch, we've already enabled cross-country collaboration and efficiencies within the primary care ecosystem by connecting TELUS and third-party systems which ultimately help deliver better health outcomes for Canadians."

(Posted on 31 October 2017, 1679693851 18O206O92O240)