BEIJING: Recently, a creative digital product - Moran electronic picture frame has started crowdfunding on Indiegogo. Moran is looking forward to great art pieces from worldwide museums in homes.
This product is developed by ArtTouch team from China. Members of ArtTouch come from diverse backgrounds including IT, AI hardware, art and media. ArtTouch is looking forward to bringing worldwide art exhibitions to homes. It is their aim this product will fulfill the needs of art in homes for each family.

This product has been developed with a 32 inch 4K screen. Comparing Moran electronic picture frames with other display products, Moran believes display quality is more important than colour saturation. Thus Moran chooses SHARP screens which will present improved details of the art works over other screens. Moreover, this product is supported with an 8-megapixel camera for creative user interaction functions. In other words, this product is a digital Interactive Art Device.

Works that display on frame are selected and promoted through an app. This app is designed with a traditional Chinese aesthetic. Traditional Chinese artistic elements that applied to the design of this app come from the creative team, based in China. Art director Dong Yuqiang has designed many digital products for the Chinese Palace Museum - the most famous museum in China. The app will include more than 1000 pieces classic HD works on launch day. It will add more than 100,000 works from professional publishing agency gradually in the future, including marvelous digital interactive art works.

The crowdfunding of Moran on Indiegogo started October 19th and will end on December 19th. The first 20 users who participate will qualify for early bird price - 499 USD. Participate now and get the Moran frame with a limited edition design.

(Posted on 30 October 2017, 1686175977 172O70O39O168)