New Delhi , October 29: Indian cricketers will soon come under the scanner of National Anti Doping Agency (NADA) for a dope test, as per the direction by Sports Secretary Rahul Bhatnagar.
This follows after a World Anti Doping Agency (WADA) report of 2016 found one Indian cricketer to have tested positive for banned substances among the 153 BCCI accredited cricketers.

"I have directed NADA DG Mr. Naveen Agarwal to go ahead and conduct Dope test for cricketers in India for domestics and international games being played here in our country," Bhatnagar told ANI.

The Sports Secretary has also asked the doping agency to plan and frame teams to conduct test whenever the team is ready.

'Also have official letter to BCCI regarding this but due to Holidays we haven't received any official communication from their side. If they don't, we will decide what to do as next step," added Bhatnagar.

The Indian cricket board has previously said that they regularly conduct doping tests and also IDTM (a WADA approved agency) for the same.

However, it was revealed earlier this year that the BCCI does not even recognise NADA and its rules even after them being approved by the cabinet.

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