New Delhi , October 29 : Building your own company is a long-term affair. And with thousands of start-ups taking off each year, it is essential to adopt the right tools to stay in the right direction.
The need to be frugal in their operations does not allow start-ups to invest a fortune in their labour pool or on the technology and marketing front.

Therefore, to kick-start their small business, one would need access to the ideal set of tools which have been tailored to suit their needs.

To get more start-ups up and running quickly, here is a list of the three platforms which will push your start-up ahead of the crowd:

1. Personalized Cognitive Customer Assistant / Chatbots - CogniCor

CogniCor Technologies is an AI-based company delivering solutions to ease how people interact with technology. It is a personalised cognitive customer assistant that can understand the needs of its users and respond with relevant information.

Whether it is a negotiation for a new bank loan or renewal of auto insurance; expert assistance is always of great help. With CogniCor responding to their customers' questions instantly, start-ups can save on operating expenses and focus on efficiency for the business.

2. DIY App Creation Platform - is a leading cloud-based app creation platform which is fast becoming popular worldwide. The software makes it incredibly simple for users to create instant, affordable, intuitive, and professional mobile applications.

One can get their business online on mobile with unlimited customization and unlimited updates, without prior knowledge of coding.

3. Artificial Intelligence - Staqu

Staqu provides a solution for all problems that involve analyzing images and extracting valuable information from them. Major products that start-ups can make use of in their everyday business include face recognition, gesture recognition, emotion recognition, pose estimation, intruder detection, etc.

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