Wednesday, 01 Apr 2020

Kaizena Introduces its Fast, High Quality Feedback Tools to Microsoft Office 365 Customers

PALO ALTO, Calif: Kaizena announced its time-saving tools for teachers to provide high quality feedback on student work now support Microsoft Office 365. Students who use Microsoft Word or Microsoft PowerPoint for writing, presentations, and projects can now receive fast, high-quality feedback from their teachers and peers.

Students are now able to seamlessly request feedback from peers and teachers by logging into Kaizena with their Office 365 accounts, and import Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint files from Microsoft OneDrive.

K-12 teachers, instructors, and professors whose institutions have adopted Office 365 gain access to a suite of high-quality feedback tools, including skill tracking, embeddable video lessons, and audio comments. Independent research has shown audio comments alone can enable teachers to provide feedback up to 70 percent faster than written feedback.

Kaizena CEO Maxwell Brodie notes: "Microsoft has a long history of enabling high-quality learning experiences through technology, and Kaizena is pleased to work with Microsoft as we equip teachers and students with excellent products enabling faster learning."

Recent research shows feedback is three times more effective at improving student outcomes at one-fifth the cost of reducing class sizes[1]. Further, research conducted specifically on Kaizena's product has found "using Kaizena enhanced teachers' relationships with students.[2]"

Rob Howard, director, Office Ecosystem, Microsoft Corp. said, "Microsoft supports Kaizena's goal of providing educators with access to high-quality feedback tools. Through its integration with Microsoft Office 365, Kaizena is helping students and educators collaborate more efficiently using familiar products, such as Microsft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint, across their devices."

Kaizena is free for teachers and available at Students use Kaizena to request feedback on their work from teachers and other students. From hearing yourself play a wrong note on the piano to a baseball coach guiding your swing, feedback is everyone's fundamental learning process: try, compare, try again. Kaizena extends everyone's natural approach to learning into the classroom.

(PRN | 2 years ago)