NEW YORK: Paradigm Spine, LLC, a leader in providing solutions for the treatment of lumbar spinal stenosis announces updated coverage by Health Alliance Plan of Michigan. An additional 500,000 lives in Michigan now have access to treatment of lumbar spinal stenosis using coflex.
Lumbar spinal stenosis ("LSS"), affecting 1.6 million patients annually, is a debilitating and degenerative disease in older patients (>50 yrs) often associated with significant leg and back pain, leg numbness and weakness, causing a significant reduction in an active lifestyle. Traditional surgical treatment options for LSS include a decompression that removes bone and soft tissue and may also require a fusion to stabilize the spine. The coflex device is a non-fusion, motion preserving stabilization implant, that is FDA PMA approved for the treatment of lumbar spinal stenosis, and can be used in conjunction with a decompression or used in lieu of a spinal fusion.

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Marc Viscogliosi, Chairman & CEO - "With over 85 peer-review published articles, including landmark 5 year follow-up studies, medical society guidelines, and now with additional commercial insurance coverage, it is wonderful to be able to expand patient access to the coflex technology."

(Posted on 29 October 2017, 1675503945 44O192O38O49)