Ankara, [Turkey], Oct. 28 : Terming the Catalan Parliament's decision to declare independence from Spain wrong, Turkey's European Union Minister Omer Celik said that his country will continue to support Spain's territorial integrity.
"We do not find Catalonia's declaration of independence legitimate," Celik said, as quoted by Sputnik.

Adding, "Turkey will continue to support Spain's territorial integrity, constitution and political unity."

In a written statement published earlier on Friday evening, the Turkish Foreign Ministry said, the move taken by Catalonia's separatist-led parliament "was not a right step taken".

"We respect the territorial integrity and the constitution of Spain and the will of Spanish people," the statement said, adding the "unilateral" decision of the Catalan Parliament was not in line with Spain's constitution and laws, as well as the will of the Spanish people and the people living in the region.

The ministry further said that it hoped the decision "which is unconstitutional and can lead to tension," would not be "insisted upon" and a solution could be found within the framework of democracy and the rule of law.

Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy announced Friday night that he dissolved the Catalan Parliament and called regional elections for December 21.

"The state has enough measures to recover legal normality," said Rajoy in the speech, hours after the Catalan Parliament declared independence and the Spanish Senate passed a bill to enact Article 155, which gives Madrid control of Catalonia.

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