BOSTON: Lightkeeper took the top prize for Best North American Data Visualization Provider, announced by Hedgeweek USA. The 2017 Hedgeweek awards celebrate the achievements of hedge fund managers and service providers.
The winners were decided by a poll of Hedgeweek readers which includes both investors and hedge fund managers as well as other industry professionals at firms including fund administrators, custodians, accountants and auditors, law firms, consultants, and fund distributors.

Danny Dias, Lightkeeper CEO, expressed his enthusiasm: "We are grateful to Hedgeweek - and the hedge fund community as a whole - for recognizing Lightkeeper as the leading data visualization software provider. Our software solutions help automate the internal data management, analytics, and reporting processes that firms have struggled with for years. The industry has embraced our innovative platform and we appreciate this exciting endorsement."

Lightkeeper, LLC is experiencing significant growth as more hedge funds are replacing their existing data analytics and reporting processes with its innovative portfolio intelligence solution. Lightkeeper has materially expanded its core functionality with multiple product upgrades that incorporate feedback and feature requests from its hedge fund partners. Product enhancements such as comprehensive investor relations reporting, trade analytics, 13f analysis and portfolio insights, have allowed for broader penetration and adoption across the hedge fund community.

(Posted on 27 October 2017, 1695637409 34O204O181O91)