TOPEKA, Kan: Just in time for National Adopt a Senior Pet Month in November, Hill's Pet Nutrition is announcing an exciting new partnership with Animal Planet to launch a web series called Mission Adoptable.
Filmed in collaboration with the SPCA of Texas in Dallas, "Mission Adoptable" focuses on the plight of older shelter pets that face a difficult time getting adopted because of changes in their appearance or behavior due to the aging process. Viewers follow the journey of each senior pet, as their lives and prospects for adoption are transformed through the power of nutrition and loving shelter care. Each episode ends in high drama, as two families wait to find out who will have the privilege of welcoming their new family member home.

One of the first episodes in the web series focuses on Beige, a 9-year-old, mixed-breed dog who was rescued by The SPCA of Texas' animal cruelty division in 2017. Beige arrived with a deformed leg, which eventually had to be amputated. Her special needs, combined with her age and shy demeanor, made finding the right home a daunting task. However, with just eight weeks of shelter care and the nutrition of Hill's Science Diet Youthful Vitality, Beige's life was transformed and she was able to form a bond and find a forever home.

"As pets grow older, they require age-appropriate food and care to unlock that ageless spirit," said Joann Fuller, who oversees Hill's Pet Nutrition Food, Shelter & Love program. "The 'Mission Adoptable' series showcases how pets aged 7 and older can fight the effects of aging and find their forever homes, through the combination of compassionate shelter care and the transformative power of nutrition."

Each episode demonstrates how feeding 7+ pets Hill's Science Diet Youthful Vitality can positively impact their health and vigor. This unique formula has been scientifically developed for older pets' biology and incorporates nutrients and ingredients that support:
•Brain function, which is involved in supporting the desire for family interaction
•Energy and vitality to help a pet get moving and have an interest in activity and playing
•Healthy immune system
•Healthy digestive system
•Luxurious coat with increased shininess and softness

"There is no question that senior pets have a lot of love to give," Fuller added. "Our mission is to help them age gracefully and truly experience the best years of their life as part of a loving family. We encourage people to watch these 'Mission Adoptable' webisodes and be inspired to visit their local shelter to adopt their next furry family member."

(Posted on 27 October 2017, 1686173672 172O70O39O167)