JUPITER, Fla: Invincible Summer just won International Publisher's Award for best Body, Mind and Spirit Book for 2016. The book, by Dr. Ann Polya, describes how to resist and reject difficulties or obstacles and assume leadership with speedier reactions, greater sense of belonging and due recognition. This also allows better inter-generational communication.
Difficulties happen, yet submission can be averted. By using and sharpening innate powers, this can be circumvented and even overcome.

All generations have different priorities and things they value. While respecting these preferences, there are commonalities shared by all generations and actions prioritizing these elements enables better contact and relationships. Acting effectively with improved speed, respecting preferred groups and showing due appreciation brings super rewards.

Using innate inner strengths, and promoting mental swiftness prompts faster thinking and decision-making. Moreover by taking back control emotions and thoughts means they are less cluttered; so communication is more effective. Invincible Summer is the path to win and communicate well.

(Posted on 27 October 2017, 1679693369 18O206O92O240)