LAS VEGAS: Dr. Dabber, rapidly emerging as a national leader in quality vaporizer pens and accessories, is teaming up with Keep a Breast Foundation in support of breast cancer awareness and education.
The company is excited to present its popular Aurora vape pen bundle in a limited- edition package that celebrates as well as contributes to the efforts of Keep A Breast. Keep A Breast is a unique organization dedicated to introducing compelling dialogue among the youth demographic about a subject that's generally catered to older generations.

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Sharing a younger, more modern audience with the vaporizer scene, the foundation uses art and a progressive platform (including big-name figures from skateboarding, street art, music, and sports) to engage youth about breast cancer prevention and education. The Dr. Dabber brand is a stand-out in vape pen design and production, satisfying a broad customer base with its formula of superior components, innovative low-heat titanium technology, and focus on improving flavor and efficacy.

An exclusive special edition of the award-winning Dr. Dabber Aurora Vape Pen is the product of this celebrated collaboration. Designed with the signature bright pink of the breast cancer movement, the kit includes a custom charging dock, bandana, cosmetic storage container, and patches. Continuing the Dr. Dabber tradition of high-quality material and technology, created for the consumer seeking diversity in oil/wax mixes, improved airflow, straightforward use, durability, and perfection in adjustable heating technology.

Released just in time for the 2017 National Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October, the Keep a Breast x Dr. Dabber Premium Vaporizer Pen Collab is available on the Dr. Dabber website as well as select retailers.

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