Sikkim October 26 : A talented man from the state of Sikkim is stealing all the limelight for his unique talent.
Hemant Thapa, 45, hailing from Dikling village, has an extraordinary talent of playing flute not with his mouth, but with his nose.

"I am playing flute since my childhood when I was in class VII or VIII. But it was when I was in standard XII, on the occasion of Independence Day, one of my friends came and gifted me a flute and asked me to play it. I started playing the flute and then I discovered that if it can be blown with mouth, it can be blown with nose as well. So, I practiced to play with nose and since then I have been playing flute with nose," Thapa told ANI.

Thapa's family has always supported him and encouraged to further enhance his unique talent.

"When my husband plays flute by nose it gives me immense pleasure to listen to him as it is a very rare talent which is not possessed by everyone. Apart from playing flute he also plays guitar, piano, saxophone and composes songs. After he wakes up in the morning and has a cup of tea, he keeps aside his important work and starts practicing for few hours," Hemant' wife said.

There is no denying the fact that practice makes a man perfect and Hemant justifies it very well as it is his rigorous hours of practice that has made him capable of tuning up varieties of songs by flute.

"I started practicing playing flute by putting cotton in the nostril and the tune that comes while playing with mouth is followed while playing with nose. I continued practicing like this for one to two years. Now I can play the flute with nose very efficiently," Hemant said.

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