Jalaun (Uttar Pradesh) , October 26 : At a time when the farmers' outcry in the country go in vain, a Uttar Pradesh Minister's convoy drove over a farmer's land in Jalaun and destroyed the farm produce.
Shocked to see the destruction of his farm, the farmer lamented, "I have sown the crop in three-bigha land, half of which has been destroyed after the convoy drove over the land."

The farmer, who worked round the clock to make ends meet, said, "I have invested so much time in sowing the field. But all my hard work turned to dust, while I was sitting here taking care of my farm."

His fellow farmers stated that he had taken a loan to sow crops in his three-bigha land.

"We are committed for the welfare of the farmers and if this has happened we will surely compensate for it," Uttar Pradesh Minister Jai Kumar Singh said.

Later, Singh gave Rs 4,000 as compensation to the affected farmer, who broke into tears.


(Posted on 26 October 2017, 1685481010 18O232O31O255)