HEBRON, Ohio: Representatives from MPW Industrial Services and three other industry leaders will present a pre-conference workshop at Power-Gen International that provides a comprehensive review of best practices in the closing of coal ash ponds.
The Dec. 4 workshop in Las Vegas will educate attendees on the range of options for closing surface impoundments that store the byproduct from the burning of coal at power plants and the technical implications of each, emphasizing cost effectiveness as well as schedule and risk reductions.

"This team of professionals from multiple disciplines will explain the process for decommissioning coal ash ponds, ranging from the regrading of onsite materials and the installation of impermeable caps to the benefits of pumping and treating of ponded and interstitial water before closure," said Justin Pierce, MPW's director of engineering and manufacturing, and one of the workshop presenters.

The workshop will also include a discussion on the use of biological treatment to reduce selenium and metals. The failure to remove both from discharge water has shut down several closures.

"In the end," Pierce said, "attendees will learn how to develop comprehensive closure plans for their coal-ash ponds."

(Posted on 25 October 2017, 1675186077 18O232O179O5)