New Delhi , October 23 : The Congress Party on Monday said that the Election Commission (EC) has allowed its own credibility to be dented by not announcing the poll dates in Gujarat, while adding that Prime Minister Narendra Modi was not a 'Shahenshah' (Emperor) and India was not his 'Sultanat' (Empire).
"Does the Prime Minister have the authority legal or constitutional to prevent the announcement of the dates by the Election Commission for Gujarat elections? The credibility of ECI has been respected not only in this country but has inspired trust and confidence across the world. Today, the EC has allowed its own credibility to be dented by invoking the model code of conduct in the state of Gujarat. If opposition will not ask questions then who will ask when something going wrong in the country? The Prime Minister is not shahenshah (Emperor) and India is not his Sultanat (Empire)," Congress leader Anand Sharma told ANI.

Meanwhile, another leader Tom Vadakkan also resonated similar viewpoints.

"The Election Commission has said that the dates will be announced in some time but no dates are coming up. Naturally, the questions are being asked. Is the Prime Minister admitting that he is responsible for delay? If that is the case, then it is a serious matter. But our understanding on the issue is that the EC is not coming out with the dates primarily because a pressure from the current dispensation. We have not targeted the Prime Minister, we have just asked the question," he said.

Yesterday, Prime Minister Modi had hit out at the Congress for questioning the delay in announcing the poll dates in Gujarat, saying the Opposition parties have no 'authority' to question the EC and its decisions.

"The Opposition parties have no "authority" to question the EC over the election schedule. People are having issues on my visit to Vadodara. They cannot say anything to me, therefore, they putting pressure on the EC. But I want to make it clear that they do not have any right to point a finger at the Commission," he had said during his visit to Gujarat.

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