Wednesday, 19 Feb 2020

Innovative Putting Aid Increases the Capture Size of The Hole

NASHUA, N.H: After two years of development, Evolution Golf Products has introduced the Putt-Rite Speed Trainer ( to the market. The Putt-Rite Speed Trainer is an innovative, first-of-its-kind putting aid that helps golfers quickly and easily understand the importance of speed control.

Inserted into a hole on the practice green, the trainer provides golfers with instant feedback to adjust and refine putting accuracy.

Putting fundamentals such as aim, grip, stance, and stroke are all important, but speed matters most because it determines:
•the amount of break on any given putt,
•the length of your next putt should you miss, and
•the effective capture size of the hole.

Conventional wisdom says a putt hit with proper speed should come to rest 18" past the hole, but this actually reduces the capture size of the hole from 4.25" to 3.75". On the other hand, putting the ball at the optimal speed has the opposite effect, effectively enlarging the capture size of the hole to more than 6 inches.

Endorsed by Golf Digest Top 20 Instructor, Dr. Jim Suttie, "The Putt-Rite Speed Trainer is the BEST training aid I have ever seen for putting. It focuses on the most important element in putting - SPEED. It makes the hole seem bigger when you have the right speed. I would encourage both amateurs and professionals to practice with it and watch those 3-putts disappear."

The Putt-Rite Speed Trainer was developed by Seth Dichard, Founder and Director of Instruction at the Seth Dichard Golf Schools. Seth, a certified USGTF Master Teaching Professional and Golf Digest Top Instructor, has worked with thousands of golfers from beginners to pros over the past 20 years. He realized how important putting is to lowering scores, and he discovered that more than anything else, speed control is key to putting success.

(PRN | 2 years ago)