Friday, 21 Feb 2020

Meet Billy The Coach: New England's Best Kept Secret

BOSTON: Occasionally there are no adequate words to explain a phenomenon. This "marvel" is a standing-room-only-speaker and coach who can cultivate big-picture thinking while offering talks so personally dynamic, one would swear he is talking only to them.

The content is truly "make today count" kind of stuff, reminiscent of a cross between Tony Robbins and Joel Osteen with a health and mindfulness bent.

But what is the secret and who is "Billy The Coach" . . . really?

A workshop attendee says: "Billy Sheehan, or Billy The Coach, approaches health from a perspective unlike anyone else. His premise that fitness is the catalyst to success is clearly presented and attainable in a program that requires hard work, dedication and discipline. His program has changed the way I approach eating and exercise and consequently has helped me to optimally run my company."

Billy is an authentic trainer; the who's-who of speakers and coaches who consistently receives acknowledgment and praise for his enormous wisdom that comes pouring forth through the Billy The Coach seminars.

Billy has described himself as an "executive health, and performance strategist" who believes that change is the new stability, but that it is important to live more presently. The New England-based strategist has said, "Time is always now (tomorrow is not promised to anyone), Choice is always yours and opportunity is always here." People must check out "Billy" for themselves. It's the only way to go and the only way to know. If watching his YouTube videos makes a person feel good, then they're in the right place. Enjoy the experience!

And finally, from another "Billy The Coach" fan and C-suite CEO:

"Billy The Coach is the most motivational person I have ever met."

And sometimes—all is said with just three words: Billy The Coach. Light in this often-dark world of ours.

(PRN | 2 years ago)