TUCSON, Ariz: The rapidly-moving fires in Northern California have swept through over 200,000 acres of wine country, causing catastrophic loss of life and property. Although fire relief efforts have nationwide support, only a small portion of those funds go to the local nonprofits that are providing direct assistance to those affected.
RallyUp.com, a nonprofit fundraising company, has created a site that the public can use to donate directly to local nonprofits who are providing front-line relief. People can visit http://norcalfires.fund to choose a local charity and donate. In addition, local charities can register their organizations on the same page. Every nonprofit that registers is contacted and verified by RallyUp.

Nine local charities, including United Way of the Wine Country and Napa Valley Community Foundation, are already on the page, and more are joining daily. These local charities have been hard at work providing relief to fire victims, including supplies, shelter, medical treatment and more. However, local organizations don't often get the publicity or funding that national charities do, so they are appealing to the public for help.

In addition to providing donations, supporters can also help by sharing the http://norcalfires.fund page with others via social media or email. This can be done by simply visiting the page and clicking on any of the social media icons at the top. Visitors can either share the entire page or any of the individual charity campaigns listed.

(Posted on 23 October 2017, 1675920006 3O93O74O25)