TORONTO: Last month, the Honourable Melanie Joly, Minister of Canadian Heritage, launched Creative Canada: the Government of Canada's vision for the future of Canada's creative industries.
During an event at the Empire Club of Canada in Toronto today, Minister Joly reiterated the main themes of Creative Canada, Canada's first-ever strategy to strengthen our diverse and vibrant creative sector. Creative Canada offers a renewed policy approach that rests on three pillars: investing in Canadian creators and cultural entrepreneurs, promoting the discovery and distribution of Canadian content at home and globally, and working to strengthen public broadcasting and support local news.

Canada is a world leader in the quality of our creative industries. That is why, as part of Creative Canada, Minister Joly announced funding of $125 million over five years to support an export strategy for Canada's creative industries. Consistent with this new direction, Minister Joly also announced her intention to lead Canada's first creative industries trade mission to China in April 2018. Through business-to-business pairings, information sessions, mentoring and networking activities, and other initiatives, the mission will help delegates build business relationships in China and acquire the knowledge and skills needed to better access the Chinese market.

The arts and culture sector is valued at $54.6 billion and is a cornerstone of Canada's economy. It employs hundreds of thousands of Canadians in various fields across the country, in addition to the numerous spin-off jobs in local communities. These high-value jobs are essential to our economy—and with Creative Canada, the Government of Canada will ensure they remain sustainable well into the future.


"Canadians are extremely proud of our creators and creative entrepreneurs. Our culture plays an essential role in our economy and in building identity, pride and a shared sense of values. Canada's creative sector supports numerous high-quality jobs that help grow our middle class and support families all across the country. Through Creative Canada, we will enact policies that help our creators and cultural entrepreneurs address the challenges that they are facing, and ensure that Canada's voice will be heard loud and strong on the world stage."

— The Honourable Melanie Joly, Minister of Canadian Heritage

Quick Facts

Canada's creative sector grows our country's economy and provides important jobs that help support the middle class.

The arts and culture sector provides direct jobs for more than 630,000 Canadians, as well as numerous spin-off jobs created as a result of cultural production.

Creative Canada supports high-quality content in both English and French for Canadians and audiences around the world.

The Government of Canada has invested $1.9 billion in arts and culture, currently the largest investment of any G7 nation.

The creative industries trade mission to China in April 2018 will support cultural organizations and businesses looking to build new partnerships and business relationships.

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