BROOKLYN PARK, Minn: Nilfisk, one of the world's leading manufacturers of professional cleaning equipment, was successfully listed today as an independent company on the Copenhagen Stock Exchange (Nasdaq Copenhagen).
To mark the occasion, the company's leadership team, led by Nilfisk CEO Hans Henrik Lund, rang the opening bell, clearly stating that Nilfisk has reached an historical milestone in the company's history.

"Nilfisk has successfully been a part of NKT Holding since 1989. Since then, we have worked diligently to develop Nilfisk into a leader in our industry, and as a result we have created a strong and financially robust company that is able to thrive independently," Lund said. "The entire Nilfisk community throughout the world has contributed to this journey, and we are extremely proud to celebrate this significant company achievement."

According to Lund, the listing, which has been celebrated by Nilfisk employees across more than 50 locations worldwide, will not lead to any significant changes for Nilfisk's more than 250,000 active customers.

"We are extremely happy to have completed a successful listing as it shows that the market and our investors strongly believe in the business we have built," said Lund. "However, it will not change how we do business. We will continue to run our company as we have for the past 111 years, focusing on developing and bringing to market innovative and high quality products and services."

At the opening bell ceremony, hosted at the Nilfisk headquarters in Denmark, Nilfisk received a warm welcome by the stock exchange.

"We are proud to welcome Nilfisk on Nasdaq Copenhagen. The listing of Nilfisk gives investors all over the world a unique opportunity to invest in the attractive professional cleaning industry on a transparent and regulated stock market," said Carsten Borring, Head of Listings for Nasdaq Copenhagen.

(Posted on 20 October 2017, 1680163671 34O239O173O144)