SHANGHAI: As the giant leading manufacturing trade fair in China, China International Industry Fair (CIIF in brief) will be staged on 7-11, November this year at National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai).
On the subject of "Innovative, Smart, Green", CIIF is gathering in the field of Metalworking and CNC machine Tool, Industrial Automation, Environmental protection technology, ICT, New energy auto, New energy, Robotics, New material, Aerospace and Aviation. CIIF creates unique opportunities for international networking and it is a major "Made in China 2025" presentation platform. The mainline of CIIF 2017 merge the digital and intelligent terminal which shows the in-depth integration of the information technology and manufacturing technology. This annual expo has won strong industry credibility and support, and evolved into the most fast increasing expo with 17% of last year.

More about CIIF 2017

CIIF 2017 will express a major success with impressive expectation:

- Attendance up: 15,000+ visitors from at least 82 countries and regions.

- Participation by at 2,500+ companies from 28 countries and regions. More than 30 percent from Top 500 enterprises in the World. Over 70 percent exhibitors regard CIIF as the must attend exhibition and arrange global new product launching through the network of CIIF.

- CIIF 2017 will cover an exhibition area of 280,000+ square meters with 12 halls at National Exhibition & Convention Center (Shanghai).

- The largest ever fringe program with 52 sessions were delivered also reinforce the status of CIIF in the industry. High-end Summits have become the collective invoice and industrial trend prediction by Global CEO of many giant companies.

- UK as the second year's partner country of CIIF brought over their leading enterprises of mainly automobile industry and other manufacturing industry.

- More than 300 media partners and business channels online and offline confirm to help CIIF do comprehensively heading-grabbing propaganda.

As an UFI (The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry) approved event, CIIF 2017 is engage to promote six key strategic emerging industries of "Made in China 2025" and "One belt and One Road" to promote the internationalization of the Expo.

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