DOVER, N.H: Wagz, Inc., a pioneering connected pet tech company, is proud to launch its first Indiegogo campaign to help introduce the world's smartest dog collar in early 2018. Everything about the Wagz Smart Collar, from its industry-shaking technology to its modern app interface, was purpose-built to create safer, healthier, happier dogs. Starting today, anyone can back Wagz on Indiegogo.
Founded two years ago by a team of laser-focused tech gurus, vet experts and dog-obsessed entrepreneurs, Wagz is on a mission to shake up the way people connect and bond with their dogs. With a funding goal of $50,000, Wagz has set out to design, build, and sell the most sophisticated dog collar on the market.

Set and Monitor Your Dog's Whereabouts for Safety

Wagz Smart Collar has precise GPS tracking that allows owners to track and control the location of their dog. With virtual fencing zones, owners can easily draw a customized geofence area, and keep their dog within the limits of that unique zone through humane vibration and sensory deterrents. Wagz uses patent pending invisible leashing technology to help you keep your dog from running away while off-leash.

"If your dog is ever lost, a quick view in the app will show his or her exact location," said CEO Terry Anderton. "With live HD video streaming and two-way audio, owners can get a real-time view from their dog's perspective - ensuring their dog is always safe".

Track Activity and Fitness for Optimum Health & Happiness

Wagz Smart Collar tracks your dog's fitness and activity levels by measuring distance and location walked and calories burned. Using intel like breed, size, weight, and more, owners can set activity goals for their dog to hit. With combined vet records, barking alerts, companion time tracking, ambient temperature sensors and more, you can have one place to manage the overall wellbeing of your dog.

The One Dog Collar that Does it All

Building a smart dog collar requires focus on software and hardware. Wagz is built to work perfectly with iPhone and Android, and uses 4G LTE cellular, Bluetooth, and WiFi for connectivity and precision. The Wagz app organizes relevant information like notifications, alerts, and reminders.

"If your dog is excessively barking, Wagz will send you an alert. You simply open the app and will instantly see a real-time view of the dog's situation. You can also set goals, see trends, and look back on past adventures together in one glance," said Anderton.

The Wagz Smart Collar can be pre-ordered today at $395 and is expected to ship in April 2018. Each Wagz Smart Collar requires a $9.95 monthly membership for data. Dog lovers are encouraged to visit the Wagz Indiegogo page for rewards, incentives, and to be a part of the Wagz journey.

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