LOS ANGELES: The Great California ShakeOut earthquake drill this October 19 will involve more than 9.3 million Californians and counting who will practice Drop, Cover and Hold On, the protocol recommended by earthquake safety experts as essential for avoiding injury and even death.
In 2016, more than 55 million people across the United States and in more than 60 other countries participated in Great ShakeOut Earthquake Drills.

California participants include people in schools, colleges, businesses, government agencies, non-profit organizations, community groups, and many others. ShakeOut is a one-minute Drop, Cover, and Hold On drill at the minimum, though people are encouraged to do much more, such as follow the Seven Steps to Earthquake Safety. Individuals and organizations can still register at ShakeOut.org/california. While most will participate October 19, any earthquake drill held throughout the year still counts (registrants select a date, time, and location of their choosing). Additionally, ShakeOut.org/messaging provides ways people can promote and inspire ShakeOut in their workplace or community too.

"Everyone, everywhere should know how to protect themselves in an earthquake," said Mark Benthien, Global ShakeOut Coordinator and Outreach Director at the Southern California Earthquake Center. "The ongoing fires in Northern California, September's earthquakes in Mexico, and recent hurricanes remind us that we're all in this together."

Two highly visible ShakeOut media events are planned for 10/19 in Southern California and the Bay Area. For Southern California, an earthquake drill, response exercise, press conference, and demonstration/exhibition area will take place at the Natural History Museum in Los Angeles' Expo Park. In the Bay Area, a similar event will occur at Google in Mountain View. Please see ShakeOut.org/california/media/venues for the most updated information.

"The Great California ShakeOut is such an important opportunity for us all to practice what to do the instant the ground starts to shake—Drop, Cover and Hold On," said Glenn Pomeroy, CEO of the California Earthquake Authority. "This simple drill can help save lives when we get hit by the next big earthquake that scientists assure us is coming."

"One of the most important steps families can take is to prepare themselves before an earthquake occurs," said Tasha Tolbert, the vice president of communications and community impact for AAA Northern California, Nevada & Utah. "We encourage families to get on the Road to Ready and be prepared for an earthquake by offering free online tools and checklists to learn about preparedness."

(Posted on 19 October 2017, 1675559341 3O236O138O35)