Sunday, 05 Apr 2020

Leonardo da Vinci Horse and Rider Sculpture returns to Las Vegas

Leonardo da Vinci Horse and Rider Sculpture returns to Las Vegas
LAS VEGAS: The only known sculpture to exist today, from the hand of Leonardo da Vinci has returned to its Las Vegas home after a successful exhibition in Milan, Italy. The bronze artwork dubbed 'Horse and Rider' finished a 30 day public exhibit mere steps from the home of da Vinci's The Last Supper.

"This magnificent model, recently appraised for $35 million, is now back in America. In cooperation with the Red Rock Resort in Las Vegas, it will have a one day only public viewing," stated Rod Maly, co-owner of the work. "This will be only the fourth time since its unveiling in 2012 that the work will be publicly displayed. We are excited to team with Red Rock Resort, a beautiful property and a wonderful venue for the event," Maly added.

The public is invited to view Horse and Rider on Sunday November 5 from 3PM -6PM in the hotel rotunda area, directly upstairs from the hotel lobby at Red Rock Resort, located at 11011 W. Charleston Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89135. Admission is free.

"For this artistic achievement to be preserved for centuries is remarkable," added J.W. Petty, partner, and co-owner with Maly. "To think, a work like this could have easily disappeared from existence."

The history of the artwork is fascinating, having passed from several prestigious European collections to being saved from Nazi looting during World War II. A five-minute film documents the history of the sculpture from its creation in 1508 to the present day. VIEW FILM NOW:

Future plans to publicly display the work have not been disclosed at this time. "The sculpture will reside in a vault for now until we can determine how best to share 'Horse and Rider' with the world," Petty added. "We are excited to show this masterwork in Las Vegas, another step in telling its incredible story to the world."

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