BOWIE, Md: Just Go Live is the latest app taking a multi-billion dollar market by storm. It has already grabbed the attention of social media giant Facebook, which has included it in it's FbStart program - a mentorship program that helps promising tech startups get to the next level.
As the name suggests, Just Go Live lets people "go live" - but not like the way you might be used to. Whereas other live streaming apps, like Periscope and Facebook Live provide general live streaming services, Just Go Live focuses on what its founders call, "Live Video Commenting."

Just Go Live lets people to stream 3-minute live video comments on trending media content such as news articles, latest movies & TV shows, YouTube videos, and more. People have a lot to say. Just Go Live makes it easy for them to find something to talk about - by providing trending media content within the app. What's cool is that Just Go Live's video comments can be streamed simultaneously on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus!

For example, let's say you read a CNN article in the Just Go Live app that you want to talk about. You can easily do that by hitting a button on the article and streaming a "Live Video Comment" about it. If you like, you can simultaneously stream your live video comment on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus, giving your comment high visibility across all of your social network contacts!

With Just Go Live, you can also leave "Live Video Reviews" on hotels, restaurants, and much more. You can even leave live video comments on social network posts, in place of regular text comments. Yes - this means that you can leave your Facebook friends or your favorite celebrities live video comments on their Facebook posts! This is something even Facebook hasn't done before!

So far about 200,000 people have organically downloaded the beta version app. This has been with $0 spent on marketing. With marketing efforts, Just Go Live is expected to gain a few million users shortly after its official launch. The app is set to be officially launched on October 17, 2017 at The University of Maryland.

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