Actress Laura Termini tackled body image, extreme dieting and more in her standup comedy Forever Talla 2
MIAMI: Actress Laura Termini premiered in Miami, October 7th Forever Talla 2.
Written, produced and starring Laura, it's a comedy that tries to explain with humor the particular female behavior and the relationship that women have with beauty and the ideal body.

Laura delivers pointed messages about body image, extreme dieting, social media and double standards for men and women. In "Forever Talla 2" men will understand a little more what it means to be a woman.

"'Forever Talla 2' is a standup where I make fun of myself, my flaws and my insecurities as a woman, the audience is my first and last motivation. This play is taken from one of the subjects I speak of in my book 'Realmente Unica,'" said Laura Termini.

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