SAO PAULO: A continent of unique flavors, Latin America's extraordinary biodiversity is an excellent source of natural ingredients for human consumption. In line with global consumption trends, the Brazilian multinational Duas Rodas has added to its portfolio of Fruittion Botanicals, which is a line of natural and typical products of Latin American countries.
Duas Rodas, a pioneer in the extraction of essential oils in Brazil with nine decades of experience manufacturing extracts and powdered products, consistently looks for inspiration in the diversity of fruits, leaves, seeds and flowers of Latin American plants to offer nature's best attributes to the food and beverage industry.

A multi-disciplinary team of specialized professionals is involved in all steps of the process, from carefully choosing natural raw materials, to researching and developing the ingredients and processing methods to be able to offer its Fruittion Botanicals products in convenient and reliable formats including powders, flakes, powdered extracts, liquids and flavor preparations.

"Our specialists carefully analyze the availability of natural raw materials, based on seasonality, quality and the stability of market supply so that nature's best attributes are harvested using appropriate technologies. Everything is done to ensure a stable supply of the best quality ingredients for our clients," said Rosemeri Francener, Director of International Business for Duas Rodas.

Acerola, known for its high vitamin C content, is one of the flagship products of Fruittion Botanicals, developed with a range of available vitamin C content, from 17% to 25%, depending upon the need of the customer.

Fruittion Botanicals also offers versions of natural specialty products such as Guarana, Acai, Mate, Coffee, Camu-camu, Maqui, Physalis, Hibiscus, Graviola, Mirtilo and Lulo, known as Naranjilla.

(Posted on 16 October 2017, 1675621049 3O239O119O61)