MURFREESBORO, Tenn. and PETERBOROUGH, N.H: Tennessee kindergartners arrive in the classroom with different learning foundations, ability levels, and backgrounds. In an upcoming conference, SDE brings together the top kindergarten experts to explore how to meet the needs of every child and ensure they succeed. The Conference for Tennessee Kindergarten Teachers will be held November 2-3, 2017, in Franklin, TN.
According to SDE program developer Kymra Kurinskas, "Tennessee kindergarten teachers have their hands full from day one. No other grade level deals with such a wide range of abilities, developmental abilities, and prior knowledge. At this conference, they'll stock up on practical solutions that are ready-to-implement."

This conference tackles the tough issues teachers care about—including behavior management, learning centers, Read to Be Ready, student growth portfolios, and more. "Tennessee teachers are also requesting more hands-on and interactive strategies to infuse into their instruction and they'll find plenty here," Kurinskas adds.

Through 32+ sessions, teachers will collect techniques for more effective classroom, time, and behavior management. They'll learn to focus on prevention over intervention through purposeful instruction and use developmentally appropriate practices to build strong foundation skills in early literacy. In addition, they'll explore how to establish a firm foundation in number sense, phonological awareness, and fine motor skills. Infused throughout the two days will be inquiry-based and child-centered strategies to motivate, engage, and instill in children a love of learning.

The 2017 team of expert presenters includes kindergarten teacher and author of the blog "Little Kinder Warriors" Katie Mense, kindergarten teacher and creator of the YouTube channel

"Teachers Learn Too!" Adam Peterson, and early childhood expert and creator of the website "Wolkis Wonders" LeAnna Wolkis Goldstein NBCT.

An enthusiastic kindergarten teacher for more than 30 years, Shari Sloane will start the conference with a bang in her keynote "Every Day's an Adventure: Real Stories from the Kindergarten Classroom." Teacher and author of the blog "KFUNdamentals," Palma Lindsay will energize the audience on day two in her keynote "Ingredients for Success."

"Ideas, strategies, networking, fun—this conference has it all delivered in a supportive environment where people really understand the challenges Tennessee kindergarten teachers face and how to solve them," Kurinskas says.

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