New Breed of Supernatural Thrillers Inspired by Real Events
SCOTTSDALE, Ariz: Increasing incidents of near misses by commercial airliners and drones; black hat hackers pirating code from NSA; CIA claims of hacker-influenced elections; currency manipulations by the Fed and Central Bankers, worldwide-Scott claims there's no shortage of real events from which to draw. More research intensive than any of his earlier novels, he took the time to look under every rock on this one.
Cut-Throat Syndrome is the newest in Scott's lineup of Lance Underphal supernatural mystery/thrillers. It's part of a genre-bending psychic detective series which can be read in any order. Dark and dangerous, this is one of those disturbing novels that keeps you turning pages.

Other books in the series include: Dark Side of Sunset Pointe, Flight of the Tarantula Hawk, and Grey Daze. Whether you are looking for a new breed of supernatural thrillers, psychic mysteries of murder and suspense, or maybe one those scary books you just can't put down, the cutting-edge novels by Indie Author, Michael Allan Scott, won't disappoint.

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